About Us

Meet Green Peak Capital

We are the future of small business funding.

What We Do

Green Peak Capital was founded with one purpose - to help small businesses like yours reach their potential. We know how difficult it can be to access capital through traditional means so we created Green Peak to allow businesses to get the working capital they need, when they need it.

The majority of businesses can’t receive traditional bank loans whether it be due to their time in business, credit score, annual revenue, or other factors that are only a small part of the big picture. That’s why at Green Peak we look at your businesses overall health, not just one number, so that you have the highest probability possible to receive the funds you need.

We also know that when most small businesses are looking for or need funding they usually need it fast in order to grow and thrive. We respond within 24 hours, and with the best solution for your business, so that you aren’t stuck waiting until after the optimal moment to fund your business has already passed.

Our Team

Jorge Azpurua

Jorge A. Azpúrua, Managing Member at Green Peak Capital. During his career Mr. Azpúrua has been involved in over $200 Million of real estate developments, and managed a mortgage portfolio over $200 Million as an Executive Director at BanPro Banco Universal.